quinta-feira, 18 de novembro de 2010

M.C. Shy-D Smurf - Keep Doin It (Vinyl, 12'' 1996)(Benz Records Inc.)

A1 - Keep Doin It ( Smurf) (Radio Version)
A2 - Keep Doin It ( Smurf) (Instrumental)
B1 - Let's Get These Hoe's ( Smurf) (Radio Version)
B2 - Let's Get These Hoe's ( Smurf) (Instrumental)

Mighty Rock-Creative Element - Rock The Bottom (Vinyl, 12'' 1989)(Rap Attack Records)

A1 - Rock The Bottom (Vocal Version)
A2 - Rock The Bottom (Raw Bass Version)
B1 - Rock The Bottom (Dub)
B2 - Rock The Bottom (Instrumental)

(((((drony_dj electro bass)))))

P-Man - Rock It Baby (Vinyl, 12'' 1982)(Bound Sound Records)

A - Rock It Baby (Scratch Mix)
B - Rock It Baby (The Other Mix)

The Beat Boys - We Rock The House-Wouldn't You Like To Be A Beat Boy 2 (Vinyl, 12'' 1985)(Romeo Records)

A1 - We Rock The House (Radio Version)
A2 - We Rock The House (Instrumental)
B1 - Wouldn't You Like To Be A Beat Boy 2 (Radio Version)
B2 - Wouldn't You Like To Be A Beat Boy 2 (Instrumental)

The Mission - Listen to the Mission (Vinyl, 12'' 1988)(Bianca Records)

A1 - Listen To The Mission (Radio Mix)
B1 - Listen To The Mission (Instrumental)
B2 - Listen To The Mission (U Missed Out On)

M.S.J - Money (Vinyl, 12'' 1987)(M.S.J Recoeds)

A - Money (Club Mix)
B1 - Money (Dub Mix)
B2 - Money

(((((drony_dj electro bass)))))

Audio Tech - I'm Your Audio Tech (Vinyl, 12'' 1987)(Express Records)

A - I'm Your Audio Tech
B - I'm Your Audio Tech (tech Mix)

(((((drony_dj electro bass)))))

sábado, 13 de novembro de 2010

2 Live Crew - Yakety Yak (Vinyl, 12'' 1988)(Epic)

A1 - Yakety Yak (Bass Mix)
A2 - Yakety Yak (Dirty House Mix)
B1 - Yakety Yak (House Version)
B2 - Mega-Mixx 2

Strafe - Comin' From Another Place (Vinyl, 12'' 1985)(A&M Records)

A1 - Comin' From Another Place (Deluxe Version)
A2 - Comin' From Another Place (Metallic Mix)
B1 - Comin' From Another Place (Abrasive Dance Version)
B2 - Comin' From Another Place (Ghost Mix)
B3 - Comin' From Another Place (Bonus Section)

quinta-feira, 30 de setembro de 2010

The Party Rock Crew - The Rhymes Flow (Vinyl, 12'' 1989)(Shatter Proof)

A1 - The Rhymes Flow (Radio Mix)
A2 - The Rhymes Flow (Remix)
B1 - The Rhymes Flow (Club Mix)
B2 - The Rhymes Flow (Dub Mix)
B3 - The Rhymes Flow (Bonus Beats)

(((((drony_dj electro bass)))))

The Party Rock Crew - La La Ooh (Girl I Want You)(Vinyl, 12'' 1988)(Pandisc)

A - La La Ooh (Girl I Want You) (Club Mix)
B1 - La La Ooh (Girl I Want You) (Radio Mix)
B2 - La La Ooh (Girl I Want You) (Instrumental Mix)

(((((drony_dj electro bass)))))

Eerk & Jerk - Eerk & Jerk (Vinyl, 12'' 1991)(profile records)

01 - Eerk & Jerk (Vocal)
02 - Eerk & Jerk (House Mix)
03 - Eerk & Jerk (Instrumental)

(((((drony_dj electro bass)))))

Beat Master Clay D. & D.J. Magic Mike - Rock The House (Vinyl, 12'' 1988)(Vision Records)

A1 - Rock The House
B1 - Ugly People Be Quiet (Dub Mix)
B2 - Rock The House (Radio Edit)

(((((drony_dj electro bass)))))

segunda-feira, 12 de abril de 2010

R.M.G. - Sam's A Man & Don't Drop The Soap (Vinyl, 12'' 1987)(Party Crew Records)

A1 - Sam's A man
A2 - Don't Drop The Soap
B - R.M.G. Featuring Squeaky ''G''

(((((drony_dj electro bass)))))

'06 Style,The - Schoolhouse Rock & G.I.G.-Get It Going (Vinyl, 12'' 1987)(G.I.G.)

A1 - Schoolhouse Rock (Vocal)
A2 - Schoolhouse Rock (Instrumental)
A3 - Schoolhouse Rock (Radio Edit)
A3 - Schoolhouse Rock (Radio Edit)
B1 - G.I.G.-Get It Going (Vocal)
B2 - G.I.G.-Get It Going (Dub)
B3 - G.I.G.-Get It Going (Bonus Steppin')

(((((drony_dj electro bass)))))

Versatile Sounds - Like This (Vinyl, 12'' 1986) (Profile Records)

A1 - Like This (Vocal)
A2 - Like This (Drums)
B1 - Like This (Instrumental)
B2 - Like This (Dub)

Tom Tom Club Mr. Yellow - Genius Of Love & Yella (Vinyl, 12'' 1981)(Island Records)

A - Tom Tom Club - Genius Of Love
B - Mr. Yellow - Yella

Tim Greene - The Facts Of Life (Vinyl, 12'' 1985)(Sugarscoop Records)

A - The Facts Of Life
B - The Dub Of Life

(((((drony_dj electro bass)))))

Thro' Down Crew - Thro' Down Town (Vinyl, 12'' 1985)(Street Talk Records)

A1 - Thro' Down Town (Radio Mix)
A2 - Thro' Down Town (LP Mix)
B1 - Thro' Down Town (Club Mix)
B2 - Thro' Down Town (Instrumental)

(((((drony_dj electro bass)))))

The Two - The Real Grandmaster (Vinyl, 7'' 1986)(Profile Records)

A - The Real Grandmaster
B - The Real Grandmaster

(((((drony_dj electro bass)))))

The Hot Line - Womanology (Vinyl, 12'' 1984)(Joe Gibbs Music)

A - Womanology
B - Womanology (Dub Mix)

Symbolic Three - Extravagant Girls (Vinyl, 12'' 1986)(Public Records)

A1 - Extravagant Girls (Radio Version)
A2 - Extravagant Girls (Long Version)
A3 - Extravagant Girls (Instrumental)
B1 - Bite It If You Wanna (Long Version)
B2 - Bite It If You Wanna (Radio Version)
B3 - Bite It If You Wanna (Instrumental)

(((((drony_dj electro bass)))))

The Real Image - Signal (Vinyl, 12'' 1988)(Force Groove Records)

A1 - Signal (Vocal)
A2 - Signal (Radio)
B1 - Signal (Club Version)
B2 - Signal (Signal Groove)

((((drony_dj electro bass)))))

Ray Rock & K.C - Minnie & Rayrock Kick It (Vinyl, 12'' 1986)(Cutting Records)

A1 - Minnie (Long Version)
A2 - Minnie (Dub)
A3 - Minnie (Short Version)
B1 - Rayrock Kick It (Vocal Version)
B2 - Rayrock Kick It (Dub)
B3 - Rayrock Kick It (Short Version)

((((drony_dj electro bass)))))

The Rapologists - Hip Hop Beat ( Vinyl, 12'' 1984)(Billy Boy Records)

A1 - Hip Hop Beat (Kid's Rap)
B1 - Hip Hop Beat (Party Rap)
B2 - Hip Hop Beat (Street Mix)

(((((drony_dj electro bass)))))

Raze - Jack The Groove (Vinyl, 12'' 1986)(Champion)

A - Jack The Groove
B1 - Jump In Your Dance
B2 - Bonus

Pretty Ricky & Boo-Ski - It's Mine (Vinyl, 12'' 1985)(Select Records)

A1 - It's Mine (Vocal)
A2 - It's Mine(Instrumental)
A3 - Dreams (Dub Version)
B1 - Dreams (Vocal)
B2 - Dreams (Instrumental)

(((((drony_dj electro bass)))))

Prime Time - He's Def & So Damn Tough (Vinyl, 12'' 1987)(Suntown Records)

A1 - Prime Time - He's Def (Vocal)
A2 - Prime Time - So Damn Tough (Vocal)
B1 - Prime Time - He's Def (Instrumental)
B2 - Prime Time - So Damn Tough (Instrumental)

(((((drony_dj electro bass)))))

terça-feira, 6 de abril de 2010

M.C. Shy-D ft.Tha Rhythum - True That Reach Out (Touch Somebody)(Vinyl, 12'' 1997)

A1 - True That (Clean Mix)
A2 - True That (Dirty Mix)
A3 - True That (Instrumental)
B1 - Reach Out (Touch Somebody) (Remix) (Clean Mix)
B2 - Reach Out (Touch Somebody) (Remix) (Dirty Mix)
B3 - Reach Out (Touch Somebody) (Remix) (Instrumental)

segunda-feira, 5 de abril de 2010

Renard With No Regard Ft.Ced What - Going For Gold (Vinyl, LP'' 1989)

A1 - Turn Up The Music
A2 - It's Alright
A3 - How Hard Can You Throw It?
A4 - The Beat Roars (W/ Vocals)
A5 - Bad Girls
B1 - Sweating
B2 - Go Radio
B3 - D_Is What You Want
B4 - Funky
B5 - The Beat (Extended Beat)

(((((drony_dj electro bass)))))
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