terça-feira, 19 de abril de 2011

Missy Mist - Gettin' Bass (Vinyl, 12'' 1989)(Never Stop Productions)

A1 - Gettin' Bass (Vocal)
A2 - Gettin' Bass (Dancetramental)
B1 - Let The Good Times Roll (Vocal)
B2 - Let The Good Times Roll (Dancetramental)

(((((drony_dj electro bass)))))

segunda-feira, 18 de abril de 2011

Newcleus - Na Na Beat (Vinyl, 12'' 1986)(Sunnyview Records)(Promo)

A1 - Na Na Beat (Vocal)
A2 - Na Na Beat (Edited Version)
B1 - Na Na Beat (Instrumental)

(((((drony_dj electro bass)))))

Matt Bianco Feat. Chulito The King Of Latin Rap - Macumba

A - Macumba (Rumba Mix)
B1 - Macumba
B2 - Macumba (Dub Version)

(((((drony_dj electro bass)))))

G-Dane - Coolest Of The Cool-Puerto Rican Girl

A1 - Coolest Of The Cool
A2 - Coolest Of The Cool (Instrumental)
B1 - Puerto Rican Girl
B2 - P.R. Girl (Instrumental)

Too Short - I Ain't Trippin' (Vinyl, 12'' 1988)(Jive)

A1 - I Ain't Trippin' (Extended Remix)
A2 - I Ain't Trippin' (Radio Edit)
B1 - I Ain't Trippin' (Instrumental)
B2 - I Ain't Trippin' (Acappella)

DJ Extraordinaire - That's Too Hot (Vinyl, 12'' 1990)(Jamarc)

A1 - That's Too Hot (House About Some Bass Dub)
B1 - That's Too Hot (Radiola Mix)
B2 - That's Too Hot (Extra Mix For Your Enjoyment)

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