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quarta-feira, 24 de outubro de 2012

T.N.T. Featuring DJ Boom ‎- Bobby (The Little Boy) (Force Groove Records)

A1 - Bobby (The Little Boy) (Vocal Version)
A2 - Bobby (The Little Boy) (Radio)
B1 - Bobby (The Little Boy) (Instrumental)
B2 - Bobby (The Little Boy) (Acappella)
B3 - Bobby (The Little Boy) (Bobby's Beat)


segunda-feira, 2 de julho de 2012

Newcleus - Computer age (Vinyl, 12'' 1984)(Sunnyview)

A - Computer Age (Push Tje Button) (Vocal)
B - Computer Age (Push Tje Button) (Instrumental)

Double Duce - Commin In Fresh (Vinyl, 12'' 1985)(Prime Choice Records)

A - Commin In Fresh
B - Comin In Dub

Sound Chasers - Novus Ordo (Vinyl, 12'' 2006)(Cut It Up Def Records)

A1 - War Games (Mixed By Chuck H)
A2 - Time (Mixed By Cutmaster Crash)
B1 - Speaker Freaker (Mixed By Jimmy Starr)

740 Boyz Bass'Ed On This - Shimmy Shake-Bass Of The Soul (Vinyl, 12'' 1994)(Cutting Records)

A1 - Shimmy Shake (Club Mix)
A2 - Shimmy Shake (Instramix)
A3 - Shimmy Shake (Acapella)
AA1 - Bass Of The Soul
AA2 - Naafiysh Bass

Micronawts - Letzmurph Acrossdasurf (Vinyl, 12'' 1982)

A1 - Letzmurph Acrossdasurf (Club Mix Dub Version)
A2 - Letzmurph Acrossdasurf (Club Mix Instrumental)
B2 - Letzmurph Acrossdasurf (Radio Version)

(((((drony_dj electro bass)))))

X-Ray Vision - Video Control (Vinyl, 12'' 1984)(Manhole Record Co.)

A1 - Video Control
A2 - Video Control (Radio Edit)
B1 - Stceffe Dnuos
B2 - OediV LortnoC (latnemurtsnI)

sábado, 14 de abril de 2012

Steve Masters - Turntable Aktion (Vinyl, 12'' 1989)(Tripindicular)

A - Turntable Aktion (Mastermixx)
B1 - Turntable Aktion (Radio Mix)
B2 - Turntable Aktion (D -j - Takeover Dub)
B3 - Turntable Aktion (Accapella)

domingo, 25 de março de 2012

domingo, 19 de fevereiro de 2012

quarta-feira, 1 de fevereiro de 2012

Break Boys, The - Give Us A Break (Boyee) (Vinyl, 12'' 1988)(Fourth Floor Records)

A1 - Give Us A Break (Boyee) (Original Freestyle Mix)
A2 - Give Us A Break (Boyee) (Give Us A Break Beat)
B1 - Give Us A Break (Boyee) (House Us A Break Mix)
B2 - Give Us A Break (Boyee) (Melting Acid Microdub)
B3 - Give Us A Break (Boyee) (Jazzy R&b Instrumental)

segunda-feira, 23 de janeiro de 2012

Kyper - Countdown To The Year 2000 (CD, Album 1992)(Atlantic)

01 - Intro Prelude

02 - Countdown To The Year 2000
03 - Spin The Bottle
04 - Games People Play
05 - Save Our Love
06 - Dis Is My House
07 - Tabatha
08 - Weird Sex
09 - Body Hounter
10 - My Destiny
11 - Hey You,do You Feel Good
12 - Don't You Wanna Come

domingo, 22 de janeiro de 2012

High Power - Ok I'm Loosin' Up 12''(Vinyl, 12'' 1985)(Posse Records)

A - OK I'm Loosing Up
B - OK I'm Loosing Up (Dub Version)

DJ Laz feat,Luke & Kinsu - Get Your A Off The Stage (Vinyl, 12'' 1999)(Pandisc Records)

A1 - Get Your Ass Off The Stage (Old School Radio Booty Mix)
A2 - Get Your Ass Off The Stage (Original Clean Mix)
B1 - Get Your Ass Off The Stage (DJ Laz Old School Club Booty Mix)
B2 - Get Your Ass Off The Stage (Godfathers D Town Boot Mix)
B3 - Get Your Ass Off The Stage (Original Dirty Mix)

Hurt 'Em Bad - I Just Can't Understand It 12''(Vinyl, 12'' 1985)(Las Vegas Records)

A1 - I Just Can't Understand It
A2 - Hurt 'Em To The Rescue (Instrumental)
B1 - Hurt 'Em To The Rescue (Vocal)
B2 - I Just Can't Understand It (Instrumental)

Danny D and DJ Wiz - Shake It All Night-Taste The Honey (CD, Maxi-Single 1993)(Heat Wave Records)

01 - Shake It All Night (Radio Version)
02 - Shake It All Night (Spezial Radio Version)
03 - Shake It All Night (Techno Rave Version)
04 - Taste The Honey (Radio Version)
05 - Taste The Honey (Music Pella)

Cli-N-Tel - 2030 (Vinyl, 12'' 1986)(Techno Hop Records)

A1 - 2030
A2 - 2030 (Bonus Beats)
B - 2030 (Instrumental)

Cli-N-Tel - It Ain't Mine (Vinyl, 12'' 1988)(Sutra Records)

A1 - It Ain't Mine
B1 - It Ain't Mine
B2 - It Ain't Mine

Cli-N-Tel - Ling-O-Istic Bw. It's Time To Jam (Vinyl, 12''1988)(Sutra Records)

A1 - Ling-O-Istic
A2 - Ling-O-Istic (Instrumental)
B1 - It's Time To Jam
B2 - It's Time To Jam (Instrumental)
B3 - It's Time To Jam (Bonus Beat)

domingo, 8 de janeiro de 2012

Trellini - I Wanna Be Yours (Promo CDM)(Luke Records 1994)

01 - I Wanna Be Yours (Album Version)
02 - I Wanna Be Yours (Quiet Storm Mix)
03 - I Wanna Be Yours (Album Version Instrumental)
04 - I Wanna Be Yours (Quiet Storm Mix Instrumental)

Bobby Brown - Rock Wit' Cha (CD, Maxi-Single 1989)(MCA Records)

01 - Rock Witcha (Extended Version)
02 - Rock Witcha (Instrumental)
03 - Rock Witcha (Suite)

Bass Patrol - Your Baby Daddy Got Beef (Vinyl, 12'' 1999)(Joey Boy Records)

A1 - Your Baby Daddy Got Beef (Radio Clean)
A2 - Your Baby Daddy Got Beef (Dirty Remix)
A3 - Your Baby Daddy Got Beef (Extended Dirty Remix)
B1 - Your Baby Daddy Got Beef (LP Version Clean)
B2 - Your Baby Daddy Got Beef (Accapella Clean)
B3 - Your Baby Daddy Got Beef (Accapella Dirty)

Bone Thugs-N-Harmony - Crossroads-Tha Crossroads) (CD, Maxi-Single 1996)(Ruthless Records)

01 - Crossroad (Lp Version)
02 - Tha Crossroads (DJ U Neek's Mo Thug Remix)
03 - Tha Crossroads (DJ U Neek's Mo Thug Remix Instrumental)

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